Count ’em Up: Criteria Fitting Guys

I combined income and height distributions to the marital status data from the last post to create a filter to estimate how many unmarried men exist in Hong Kong that satisfy age, income, and height criteria. Please don’t rip into me too hard, I don’t by any means assume this is an actual, exhaustive list of filters a woman would use for evaluating men. It’s just for fun. 

How to Use:

Due to how census data brackets ages and income, you have to select from the drop down menu the minimum and maximums for age and monthly income.

I pretended height was approximately normally distributed and just used some mean and standard deviation online – you can enter any number for this field.

Anyway, the bottom result is the joint probability of height and income filters applied to the subset of single men in the age range. So it’s:

(# of single men in age range) * (% of people in income range) * (% of men in height range)


Number of single males in HK that satisfy the specified age, income, and height criteria

Big caveat: there’s a lot of reason to believe that some of this data is not independent. Higher salaries will probably correlate with higher ages, even height is said to correlate with higher income. I’m not really going to delve into those depths. I treated them as independent. Again, it’s just for fun.

Also, I decide to throw in the figure for single women of an age less than the maximum male age stated (and above the age of 20) just for reference. Again, I know height, income, and the man being older aren’t set in stone rules for dating, but they are at least joked about as conditions. 


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